Want get in touch with Strange Folk Festival? Here’s what you should know first.

Volunteer folk! We love you!
So much.
Sign up here.

We showcase a wide variety of largely St. Louis-based bands, which are booked by invitation. Pitching to play the festival with a form letter and Soundcloud link in an email probably won’t get our attention, but we are out there looking for you.

If you are selling services or event products, no thanks. We’re ride or die DIY in all things from lo to high-fi.

Not interested in buying print or online advertising.

Are you a small business looking to sponsor with bartered services or goods? Love the fest, but maybe a little confused about where you might fit in? Let’s vid chat, because we live in the future.

Doing a write-up about Strange Folk?

Into smashing the patriarchy?
Now we’re talkin’.

You’re close to passing the bullshit test.

Email strangefolkfestival@gmail.com

We’re really nice and weird. Will get back to you shortly.

Warm regards,

Autumn and Andrea